April 29, 2021
Fargo Systems embraces litter-free initiative

Fargo Systems has joined the Felixstowe logistics community and partnered with Litter-Free Felixstowe (an active community interest group with nearly 1,000 members) to support the national ‘Litter Free Roads Laybys’ initiative.

With some of the region’s most prominent industry names supporting the scheme, representatives from each company came together on Earth Day (22 April) to publicly show their support.

With Goldstar Transport taking the lead in encouraging fellow hauliers and logistics companies to get involved, Steve Jones, general manager, comments: “Few people will have failed to notice the dramatic rise in the amount of litter alongside the UK’s major roads and the numerous laybys across the country.  A solution is no easy feat, and there is no one right answer. By partnering with Litter Free Roads & Laybys, we hope to raise awareness on a national scale whilst also ensuring we are doing our part to reinforce the message that changing habits need to begin ‘at home.’

“We’re educating our drivers about the unacceptability of littering, as well as updating our induction procedures for new recruits and our driver handbook, which now states vehicles must have litter-free cabs. By introducing small changes in the behaviours of colleagues, we are actively encouraging a litter free mindset across the company.”

Steve Collins, director of transport management specialists, Fargo Systems, concludes: “Litter on motorways and in laybys is a national problem; it is heartening to see the regions logistics industry come together to tackle this problem. Lorry drivers are in a pivotal position of being part of the solution, not the problem, leading by example and spreading the word.”

Companies that have pledged their support to date include Goldstar Transport, VARTAN Consultancy, Turners Logistics, Maritime Transport, Port Express, Seven Logistics, Macintyre Transport, Peach PR and Porttalk.