February 12, 2024
ATL Haulage Contractors accelerates growth through partnership with Fargo Systems

Offering the complete road haulage solution to its supply chain clients, ATL Haulage Contractors is a business that works hard to maintain its prestigious and proven track record. It is also a company that appreciates that the only way to stay at the top of the transport game is to embrace the latest logistics software solutions.

Now a multi-depot and multi-discipline logistics solutions provider, ATL’s long-standing partnership with Fargo Systems has played a pivotal role in securing and maintaining its leadership position whilst also helping to drive revenues year on year to deliver double-digit growth.

Amit Karia, Director of ATL Haulage Contractors, says: “Right off the starting blocks in 2008, the management team decided to embrace the expertise of Fargo Systems and its TopsTMS® logistics software that has kept us in pole position when it comes to usage, processes, efficiencies and digital operations.”

With ATL and Fargo Systems very much working in partnership, Fargo’s TOPS system integrates seamlessly throughout ATL’s operations.

Fellow director Jamie Woodward from ATL says: “From the outset, we could see that Fargo’s system would be a game changer for our business. With TOPS designed to track and manage the movement of goods by a combination of transportation modes, it has delivered a return on investment time and time again. The advantages are not just one-sided; the ability of TOPS to keep customers informed in real-time and work entirely digitally has revolutionised the logistics sector.”

Embracing Fargo’s motto ‘Together, Further’ and with all TopsTMS® solutions inter-operating effortlessly, ATL further invested in three additional elements of this transformative technology:

TOPS.WEB is invaluable as a simple plug-and-play solution that delivers the precise information you want to share with your trading partners.

Providing an online portal for the entire supply chain – from customers and consignees to subcontractors and intermodal planning teams and global customer service teams – every detail of every job is available to view in real-time.

TOPS.WEB also allows for the uploading of information; for example, suppliers can view, print and update transport orders and upload pods. Customers can add up-to-the-minute changes to job instructions and view times, status details, non-conformance alerts and POD’s.

TOPS…on the go is a portable solution which combines three separate devices (job management, vehicle tracking and phone/SMS communications) into one mobile device. Enabling operators and drivers to manage jobs automatically: operators can assign jobs to drivers who can, in turn, use the device to accept the job, whilst job status on arrival, departure, load, unload, and delays are automatically updated in TOPS. ‘TOPS…on the go’ also captures electronic proof of delivery and manages driver timesheets and defect reporting.

TOPS ePOD – Compatible with all mobile devices, this software provides the basic functions of TOPS…on the go. Director Ash Karia of ATL explains: “It was transformational when we brought TOPS ePOD online; this zero-admin internet browser system negates the need for face-to-face interaction between transport operator, driver or waypoint. Transmitting the full transport order instructions automatically to any driver-owned smart device, it receives back actual times, status information and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

“A game-changer when it comes to enabling operators to work seamlessly with contractors or their fleets, documents are captured via the device’s camera and can be downloaded along with shipping instructions and other documentation, as required.”

In a world where you don’t get much for free, ATL also adopted TOPS Anywhere. Free of charge to TOPS users, this app is compatible with Apple and Android smart devices. It enables access from anywhere and anytime for transport operators, planners and freight forwarders to manage urgent requirements and pre-empt problems.

“The benefits of this system are countless,” explains Steve Collins, managing director of Fargo Systems. “Enabling transport operators to view information on live jobs easily, or to service customer queries, or see an issue from a driver’s perspective, this ‘access anywhere’ system transforms the working day for operators, especially at those times when they’re not at their desk or have access to their laptop.”

Amit Karia adds: “Committed to using the most innovative transport management system available to deliver the best service possible, TopsTMS® technology provides clients complete visibility of their supply chain whilst providing our team with two evolutionary opportunities.

“Firstly, the ability to better plan resources to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and secondly, the opportunity to grow and scale our operation effortlessly.”

Steve Collins comments: “Working with ATL since they were just a fleet of just ten vehicles, a lot has changed over the years. The company is now a multi-discipline logistics provider with a fleet of over 200 plus based at their state-of-the-art depot in London Gateway and Southampton.

“As one of our long-standing clients, the relationship between the two companies is very much like that of one team. And despite the technological landscape having changed exponentially since we started working together, ATL’s appreciation of the role software plays in improving systems, performance, and the bottom line remains steadfast.

“Looking forward to working in partnership for the next fifteen years and longer, ATL’s continued commitment to TOPS ensures that going forward, they can grow their operation safe in the knowledge that our software technology is scalable, secure and innovative.”