Closer CYMAN and TOPS links enhance rail manifests

by | Dec 17, 2018 | News

We’ve built on the existing links between TOPS and CYMAN to enhance visibility for both road and rail terminals. We’ve introduced automatic interface links to say when a truck or train is due to arrive at the terminal to collect or deliver a container. This increased level of visibility allows for more informed decision-making in relation to depot stock as well as enabling the optimum utilisation of lifting equipment during quiet periods of the day, making it possible for the terminal to offer a more efficient service at peak times.

From a TOPS user point of view, these improved manifest links build upon existing relationships with the terminal. This improves the turnaround times experienced by the truck fleet by increasing the efficiency of terminal operations.  Time wasted when vehicles arrive at the terminal is reduced, particularly where an acceptance or release for a container has not been provided.