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Rail Freight Service Provider

Rail Freight

If you are a rail freight operator or someone running those services, then capacity planning and optimisation of contracted services will be necessary to you.

Manage your operation with TOPS Transport Management System (TMS) to fill the services you have committed to with the most appropriate freight – sharing costs across it and optimise and report on the shipment or cargo-level profits and margins.

Equally applicable if you operate barges, short-sea feeders, or freight ferries. TOPS, TOPS.WEB and CYMAN for terminal operations will be of interest to you.

Rail Terminal

If you are a terminal operator holding or storing containers before loading or unloading onto wagons, then CYMAN is the perfect solution. From train arrival and departure schedules, the operator can schedule the movement of containers from in-gate to out-gate, instructing lift operators via CYMAN.WEB storage destinations and wagon locations.

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