July 25, 2022
The popular Fargo Fantasy Premier Leagues is now open

We want to invite all our customers, colleagues, and friends to join our 2022/23 league. It’s free to enter, and one lucky winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher, a £50 donation to a charity of their choice and one day of logistics software development or consultancy, online or on-site* at our Ipswich office by prior agreement.

Register your team by Friday, 5 August, 18:30.

Let’s get going….
Relying on star players to bring home your points is all well and good, and selecting the best squad, rather than the best eleven, for your Fargo Fantasy Football League will be more crucial than ever.
Once you’ve got your team, the next question is, how do I join? By following four easy steps:
1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League website
2. If you’ve never registered before, click the sign-up button
3. After logging in, select your team (you can always change the team selection later, so don’t worry about finalising your team then and there). Alternatively, if you feel lucky or are short of time, try the ‘Auto Pick’ to set up your team. You can always edit transfers afterwards
Please prefix your team with the company name you work for, e.g. Fargo – TOPS Wanderers (it will help us identify you)
4. Join our League
b. ‘Private League’
d. Enter our league code: a7darj

Thank you for entering our Fargo Systems’ Fantasy Premier League, and good luck.
Fargo Systems Fantasy Football League prize
One lucky winner will receive:
1 x £50 Amazon voucher.
1 x £50 donation to a charity of their choice.
One day of logistics software development or consultancy, online or on-site, at our Ipswich office. *This does NOT include travel expenses.