November 1, 2021
Fargo Systems director Hemant Patel shares his thoughts and hopes for the industry

How did you get into the logistics industry, and what keeps you in it?

It was quite by chance. I graduated in computer science and worked for a university in London for a few years when I decided to spread my wings into the commercial environment.

I started working for a large air and sea shipping and forwarding company. Once I learned about the industry, I was fascinated by it and eventually, it was in my blood. The challenges faced by the industry over the numerous decades and even today have me enthralled.

With the return of Multimodal this year, what are your hopes for the exhibition?

With the return of the Multimodal exhibition amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope that it will enable technology companies like Fargo Systems to bring new innovative ways to propel the industry forward in these unprecedented times and once again allow the community to thrive.

Experiencing some of its most turbulent times, if you could wave a magic wand and fix three issues facing the industry, what would they be?

Driver shortage and working conditions
Environment-friendly transport
Improved infrastructure

What lessons do you think the sector has learnt having kept Britain moving throughout the pandemic?

It has learned how critical this sector is to the lifeline and economic welfare of Britain. Also, it is a sector that needs to address the well-being of its staff and work-life balance and its dependence on the migrant workforce.

Five years from now, will the future be bright for UK logistics?

I believe it should be bright, as logistics is one of the necessities for any economy, but to ensure it thrives, it needs to address some of its most critical shortcomings.