July 14, 2021
It’s New – TOPS Job Milestone Timeline

End-to-end Job status view. 

Introducing the advanced TOPS next-generation Job Milestone Timeline, another of the latest innovations of our TopsTMS® software.

As you know, we already had a Trunk Milestone Timeline to show the Trunk’s progress and key milestones. We have now extended that concept to give you the same view at Job level – Job progress at a glance.

The Job Milestone Timeline is positioned at the bottom of the Summary tab, visually showing you how far to completion the Job is.  Where there are multiple Trunks, each Trunk will have its own status within the timeline and appears ‘shaded’ when complete.

In addition to the visual progress, you can hover over each milestone to see the date and time the Job was added, last lock information, interface history, ‘Trunk Done’ requirements, if the Job is ready for Charge Completion and the date and time when Invoiced.

What do I do now?  To take advantage, you need to:

  • Ensure you are using the TOPS next-generation Traffic Sheet.
  • Place a request with our Support Team, who will ensure you are reaping the maximum potential from our product range.

The Job Milestone Timeline is part of our ongoing evolution of TOPS.