June 9, 2021
HGV Driver shortage hits crisis level

As we are aware, the shortage of HGV drivers in the UK is at a crisis point due to a combination of factors, including reduced access to labour because of COVID and Brexit, the loss of ability to train and test new drivers and the introduction of IR-35.

To help ease the situation whilst longer-term solutions are addressed, the industry needs immediate access to the global labour market to access a workforce that can live and work in the UK more easily and encourage those who have left to return. For this, the Home Office must add HGV drivers to the UK Shortage Occupation List and consider a Seasonal or Temporary Visa Scheme for qualified lorry drivers, like the one currently available to farmworkers.

To support the RHA’s asks of Government, we must continue to evidence the impact on the industry and apply pressure for the interventions we need. To support the RHA and avoid the inevitable crisis, the RHA asks you to do two things.

  1. Complete this very short and focused survey to show us how the shortage of drivers is impacting your business. All information collected will be kept confidential and used to provide an overview of the industry and not individual companies.
  2. Increase pressure on the Government by using this quick and easy tool to request your local MP to write to Government and support these asks. A letter has already been written for you, all you need to do is enter a few brief details, and the letter will be sent immediately on your behalf.

Thank you.