TOPS release 4.5.0 is just around the corner, bringing with it a range of enhancements.

You can now send PODs automatically with your invoice, configurable by the customer, and search using the Twin & Reload Optimiser. You will also notice improved logging for Job changes, with before and after values recorded for all Job-related changes, regardless of the source. Plus, you will have the ability to maintain and use Town to Town or Postcode to Postcode distance matrices.

Please be aware, within TOPS 4.5.0 the following areas of TOPS have been wholly migrated to the new technology, with the older versions no longer available.

Finance Sheet

Fleet Container Grid

Fleet Sheet

Job Sheet

Location Grid

QA Sheet

Quotation Sheet

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A comprehensive list of TOPS 4.5.0 release features, improvements and updates will be available in the next edition of TOPS Talk, coming soon.