Since our formation in 2002, Fargo Systems has been at the forefront of logistics software technology.

In this respect, we continue with our project and get closer to our end goal of introducing our clients to the new look, feel, and functionality of next generation TOPS.

Beginning with TOPS release 4.4.9, and each subsequent release this year, we will be replacing some of the more traditional aspects with new, improved areas and features.

As all of our customers have now seen and used next generation features (such as the QA grid, Jobs grid, NextGen Traffic Sheet Preview) and as all of the feedback has been positive we are soon going to be releasing more of the next generation features.

With TOPS 4.4.9, we will be releasing more next generation functionality and starting the process to deprecate/switch-off the previous equivalents in TOPS.

At the end of each release cycle, we will be sending a TOPS TALK update out to advise all our customers of next generation updates in the forthcoming releases.