Contamination free POD signatures

by | Apr 2, 2020 | News

It’s been reported that several operators are experiencing challenges at the point of delivery from concerned customers who are reluctant to sign PODs fearing they may contract Coronavirus. Can we help?

PODs remain a critical element of the logistics process, establishing that goods have been delivered to the planned recipient and in the expected condition – protecting you against future claims of any short or non-delivery of consignments.

Paul Turland, product consultant at Fargo Systems, says: “Consignees are understandably concerned about potential contamination either from the paperwork or the electronic pad or tablet they’re being asked to sign.  But here’s two ways to alleviate any potential risk.

“An ePOD includes the ability to capture documents via the device camera and automatically sends an electronic proof of delivery to the transport office and warehouse recipients if required. This paperless process negates the need for any face to face interaction and observes the two-metre social distancing guidelines.

“Camera Capture – using the camera on the drivers’ mobile telephone is another option.  For recipients concerned about signing the screen, we recommend holding up a sign or a piece of paper stating the consignment reference number, and that the load has been received complete and in good order.  The driver can then take a photo using the device to confirm delivery. Not very technological, but an easy and effective solution around the problem.”