Here at Fargo Systems, we are continually striving to provide you with a dynamic and evolving product that caters to the needs of all our valued customers. As our presence grows, so does our ability to adapt to a wider variety of requirements and produce a more comprehensive product for all our customers. The more TOPS to TOPS interfacing taking place in the industry, the more efficient and cost-effective it is for everyone. A subcontractor you work with may only have a handful of trucks, but with our cloud solution we can still make their job and your job easier if they have a ‘pay-as-they-go’ cloud invoicing and ePOD solution from us.

How you can help…

We are keen to make new contacts and bring TOPS to a broader audience. We are currently offering an incentive-based introduction scheme to thank our existing customers for any new introductions they can facilitate. This can be as simple as a quick email with us in copy to a friend, business associate, a subcontractor who you think would be interested in or benefit from TOPS. Alternatively, if you would like to email us directly with some points of contact, we would be thrilled to follow up on them. In return upon conversion of any lead, we would reward the introducer with a £250 gift voucher, and for their company, we would also provide a free training and consultancy session by way of our thanks. In the case of multiple recommendations for the same converted lead, we would reward the first introduction submitted.

Please direct any referrals you feel would be interested to Luke Graham ( and we will follow up with them.

We hope that with your help we can continue to provide a cutting-edge product for our TOPS family.