Fargo Systems captures the industry

by | Jun 4, 2019 | News

A mainstay of the logistics industry, the TOPS platform has revolutionised the sector. Both through the efficiencies and cost-savings it brings to the intermodal industry and the level of information it provides through the supply chain to hauliers and end clients alike. Since its formation in 2002, Fargo Systems has been at the forefront of industry technology, and currently, the company’s team of 22 staff (based across offices in Ipswich and Exeter) works with over 120 ‘live’ customers around the globe.

Director, Steve Collins, says: “The sophistication and complexities of today’s global marketplace demands real-time information. TOPS has become the industry’s de-facto transport planning and execution system, and currently, we’re proud to say 80% of the UK’s significant container transporters are clients. We have customers in 21 countries across Europe and beyond, where we are supporting over 1,750 users.”

The sophistication of Fargo Systems’ technology typically enables the industry to manage quay time, detention and demurrage. It’s transport planning capabilities and execution with ‘real-time’ reporting provides huge benefits, as does the technology’s GPS and POD capture abilities. Other advantages of the system include the management of non-conformances and the company’s vehicle fleet and its subcontractors. Steve continues: “But there’s more. TOPS can accurately break down every element of a job, including the splitting of jobs for accurate planning and cost management of all road, rail and sea legs. And, from an administrative perspective, it takes care of customer invoicing, supplier purchase orders/invoices and rate confirmation for subcontractors. Offering full profit and loss reporting and analysis, TOPS provides a full overview of each assignment, making it a gamechanger for many companies.”

Steve goes on to say: “Due to our position in the industry, it is quite possible that a single container import could touch four or more TOPS systems, rail terminals managed by CYMAN and be tracked by ‘TOPS…on the go’ or TOPS ePOD. For example, a line or forwarder managing the import in TOPS may choose to rail the container and send the rail portion of the job electronically via EDI to a rail provider.  The road delivery portion of the job would be sent via EDI to a haulier, who may use a subcontractor for delivery, again sending the job electronically by EDI. All parties could be using the TOPS platform, with automatic updates flowing through the supply chain to provide real-time updates to each party and the end client.

“Within the industry, we are servicing; shipping lines, forwarders, retailers, hauliers, subcontractors and rail companies on the TOPS platform. Furthermore, container yards, terminals and container sales & leasing companies use our comprehensive equipment management solution, CYMAN. The full capabilities of our systems will be demonstrated at this year’s Multimodal exhibition.

“We believe,” adds Steve, “we’re not just about off-the-shelf solutions. Working with over 1,750 users across the globe, we develop tailored solutions to meet precise needs and working in very different markets we believe passionately in the capacity of our software to enhance the performance at every level of enterprises large and small.”