The Fargo Systems team have been working hard to bring you the latest TOPS feature updates, and there are lots of them…

Did you know transport planners and operators can now create and modify trailer records via an Excel Import? This will be particularly useful for larger fleets who need to add additional trailers and change various attributes – for example, the operating branch – all at the same time?

You can now view driver’s licence details directly from our next generation ‘Driver Sheet’, meaning they can be checked at just a glance.

Good news! ePOD Links can now be automatically emailed to drivers, making the process of sharing job details with your fleet even smoother.

“Customer Pre-Advised?” can now be seen directly from the QA Sheet making it even easier to keep on top of your communications.

Have you ever been unsure if you’re looking for a Trinity or Berths 8&9 VBS? If you’re using the Destin8 Automatic Import, TOPS will consequentially change the Load Location of your jobs according to the berth the container is located on.

Are you struggling to manage Hazardous bookings? TOPS will now automatically inform your EDI connected subcontractors when any hazardous items are added, modified or removed from a job.

We’ve also made it easier to manage your Self Bill exceptions, TOPS will now generate a report of items that haven’t matched so they can be reviewed and reprocessed independently.