TOPS TALK – A full round up of our latest features

by | Dec 20, 2018 | News

TOPS ePOD feature update 1.6

Our zero-admin ePOD solution for phones and other mobile devices now offers the optional feature for the carrier or subcontractor to be able to update the planned collection or delivery date and time when they are liaising directly with the shipper or consignee.

There is also a new facility to be able to define by the customer whether an ePOD is permissible; likewise, at the carrier or subcontractor level for when an ePOD link would be inappropriate – for example, an interfaced rail-only subcontractor. Let’s not waste our driver’s time unnecessarily.

We welcome your feedback and views and work with you to overcome any issues. You highlighted an issue with the ‘signature box’ scrolling rather than accepting the signature input on certain devices, which has now been resolved.

TOPS Anywhere 1.3 Changes

Since its launch in 2018, the easy-to-use app which is compatible with Android and Apple devices has been saving transport planners and operators valuable time. Allowing easy access to critical information on each delivery from anywhere, at any time.

The planner can now view further details from the Job Details screen, including driver instructions, SCAC code and gross weight and trailer.

You’ll also notice a ‘sort menu’ and ‘assignment status colours’ have been added to the traffic sheet to aid visibility and we’ve filter improvements too, a new ‘trailer filter’ has been implemented and we’ve adjusted the ‘subcontractor filter’ to also search your Contract Trucks making finding the job you’re interested in even faster. Along with more elegant timeouts for the Job Search this makes TOPS Anywhere more usable than ever before.

The default maps zoom view has also been amended to make it easier to see the local area.

TOPS.WEB 1.28 Changes

Our versatile TOPS.WEB delivers exactly the information you want to share with your logistics partners. It is an online portal for the entire supply chain, from customers, consignees and subcontractors to intermodal planning teams and global customer service teams. Our enhancements not only benefit you but your customers too.

Our expert team of consultants oversaw the following updates targeting the core requirement and delivering the goods right from day one:

‘QA Error Party’ and ‘Exception Code’ have been added as available columns to the TOPS.WEB Job Sheet.

TOPS.WEB goes hand in hand with all the other products in our family and has updates to support the extra visibility TOPS Anywhere now provides.

We’ve also standardised how the Off-Quay rent and Resituted dates are displayed throughout TOPS.WEB to ensure standardisation between you and other members of the supply chain.