Velta Votes for TOPS

Logistics specialist, Velta International Freight Management, has implemented Fargo Systems’ Cloud based TOPS (Transport Operations & Processing Systems) to further enhance efficiencies across their container booking system.

Greg Barr, Logistics Manager, Velta International Freight Management said: “In an industry that is fast-moving and dependent upon efficiency, it is clear that a reliable management system is a must. Following the integration of the TOPS System, I can say with confidence that it is unmatched in terms of operational efficiency.”

Velta will be using TOPS EDI link to interface jobs directly and easily with a number of subcontractors which are already on the TOPS platform. The Cloud system provides a host of standout benefits including; ease of installation, utilisation of Fargo Systems servers (no additional hardware is required) as well as improving reliability and increased functionality.

Fargo is the UK market leader specialising in the container haulage industry, thanks to the original TOPS software, which manages an amazing 3 million container moves each year.