Fargo Systems teams with Allport Cargo Services to
develop innovative solution to providing seamless logistics service

Fargo Systems, creators of the popular TOPS™ (Transport Operations & Processing Systems) software system, has undertaken a pioneering project with freight forwarders, Allport Cargo Services.

The innovative project brings together Allport’s company resources and those of its subcontractors, to provide blue chip retail clients (including Monsoon, Matalan and New Look) with a seamless and transparent logistics service.

Having used Fargo’s TOPS system since 2011, Allport believed the company’s mobile smart phone based system, TOPs…on the go, could provide a significantly improved and consistent delivery service to its clients. However, the freight forwarders needed its subcontractor partners to support the initiative and make the financial investment to adopt its ‘technology of choice’.

Steve Collins, general manager, at Fargo Systems says: ‘Allport was conversant with our technology but the project they were proposing was unique in the logistics sector.
‘Allport’s plan was to encourage its subcontractors to invest in our technology to ensure all clients received the same first class logistics service irrespective of which company undertook the delivery. They also needed a system capable of being deployed across 140+ vehicles and able to handle both LCL and FCL movements.’

Following successful negotiations with its subcontractors, Allport signed a three year contract with Fargo Systems and TOPS…on the go is now deployed across 140 vehicles, (Allport’s own fleet and subcontractors’ contract vehicles).

TOPS…on the go now provides Allport and its subcontractor fleet with an intelligent real-time information system, enabling drivers to receive all job information and transmit PODs via their smart phone.

Allport’s Senior Transport Manager, Tony Belton says: ‘Our focus was on the business efficiencies we could achieve through electronic delivery of PODs, getting instructions to drivers and the operational benefits the system would deliver.’

Fargo’s Steve Collins adds: ‘The real USP of TOPS…on the go is the potential it offers businesses to increase their vehicle movements, without increasing overheads.

‘TOPS…on the go can provide substantial time savings through its administrative and electronic POD systems, also the operational efficiencies can translate into a potential increase in in vehicle movements.’

Allport’s Tony Belton concludes: ‘Our deployment of TOPS…on the go has been a ‘win-win’ from all perspectives. Clients are reporting improved delivery performance, the paperless administrative system has led to smarter working practices internally and we are delighted at the commitment our subcontractors have shown in investing in the technology and cultivating long term partnership relationships.’