TOPS – Transport Management System

TOPS is our award-nominated enterprise-level transport management system. It has been designed to cater for diverse haulage activities, containers, general distribution, pallet loads, tankers and bulk, and for both full and part loads. The software incorporates the usual features of a fully scalable solution including multi-currency, multi-depot, multi-modal and multi-company.



TOPS (Transport Operations and Processing System) exploits an easy and intuitive Microsoft Windows interface and is designed in-line with widespread solutions in the marketplace making supporting and maintenance more efficient.  The TOPS system includes the latest standards for interconnecting and interfacing systems and provides a mature and stable platform for all of your business needs. The system is based upon 20 years of software development and over 40 years of industry experience.


Total Enterprise Solution

TOPS offers complete management control from point of transport order through fleet or subcontractor resource planning to invoicing and posting to ledgers. Unlimited tariffs for customers and suppliers ensure jobs and trunks can be successfully ‘autorated’ ready for invoicing or self-billing. It includes a comprehensive fleet management area handling maintenance scheduling, fuel, driver timesheets, and stock management. Job trunking facilities and features such as the working time directive controls ensure the software can adapt to and meet your changing business requirement.


Supply Chain Data Links

At the heart of the TOPS system is the fundamental ability to talk to any other system and exchange information as required through EDI links with customers, suppliers, ports and warehouses, and data capture from in-cab and handheld systems. TOPS interfaces seamlessly with a variety of optional postcode and routing and/or mapping components together with linking to the Microsoft Office suite including Outlook and Excel.