TOPS…on the go
A Mobile Telematics and Tracking Solution

An interactive mobile telematics solution which runs on a Smartphone or PDA (with a mobile data connection) and feeds directly to and from TOPS, providing automatic updates and up-to-the-minute accuracy of data.

‘TOPS… on the go’ is a feature-rich tool that is indispensable for the forward-thinking transport operator.

Core features* include…

  • Full transport order / trip list instructions
  • ‘On-the-fly’ changes and instruction updates
  • Delivery data information uploads (No. of Packages, Container No…)
  • Instant pinpointing of driver location (full GPS tracking)
  • Snail-trail journey records
  • Proactive management of detention and demurrage, non-conformances, etc.
  • Messaging interface (alarms for late ETAs / waiting times)
  • Two-way messaging
  • Geofencing and automatic status updates

‘TOPS…on the go’ incorporates features for all types of distribution and logistics operations and can be customised to suit the individual business. The solution is fully designed and supported by the same team that bring you the TOPS transport management system so there can be no squabbling about where responsibility lies should something go wrong. You ring us – it’s simple!

Pricing is very competitive and is charged on a per device basis. No capital expenditure or long-term contracts are necessary and you get all of this, if required, on the one single mobile phone that your driver needs anyway.

* Available on both the Windows Mobile and Android platforms, not all functionality is available on both. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

“The benefits of this solution go beyond simple track and trace to providing our customers with an altogether better quality of service which they are increasingly expecting of us.”