Thanks for joining us for another Fantasy Football Premier League campaign, which will no doubt prove to be another roller-coaster season.

Please follow these three easy steps to join our league:

  1. Go to the Fantasy Premier League website
  2. Register/Sign up for an account and pick your team. Alternatively, if you feel lucky or are short of time, try the ‘AutoComplete’ to set up your team. You can always edit transfers afterwards.

Please prefix your team with the company name you work for, e.g. Fargo – TOPS Utd (it will help us identify you)

  1. Click Join our league
    1. Click ‘Leagues’
    2. Click ‘Join a league’
    3. Click ‘Join private league’
    4. Enter our league code: si3ah5

If you already have a ‘fantasy premier league team’, you can join our league in addition to your existing leagues.

Fantasy Premier Leagues ‘TOPS’ TIPS

Do…come up with an incredible team name

Don’t…be blinded by club loyalty

Do…your research (depending on how seriously you take it)

Don’t…give up after a few weeks

Do…put your faith in the big hitters

Don’t…go on holiday between now and the middle of next May!

Do…be prepared to do ‘football business’ on a Saturday morning

Thank you for entering our Fantasy Football Premier League and good luck.