Fargo Systems ‘TOPS…on the go’ first for freight industry

With ever increasing demands on hauliers to share real-time information with customers and for transparency across the supply chain, Fargo Systems ‘TOPS…on the go’ (OTG) leads the way in in-cab job management solutions for the freight industry, with over 75% of the UK container haulage market currently using TOPS systems.
Operating on a Smartphone or PDA (with a mobile data connection), OTG has become the system of choice across the haulage industry due to the improvements it offers in terms of flow of communication between drivers, transport planners and the fleet administration team, resulting in both driver and administrative efficiencies.
With tailored and off-the-shelf options available, OTG provides real-time data updates, reporting accurately on current vehicle location, arrival and departure times, as well as automated transfer of Proof of Delivery documents.

The paperless capability of OTG also eliminates the need for vehicles to return to depots between loads and reducing empty running and wasted time and fuel.

Tim Wray, General Manager, Multimodal Logistics, says: “For us OTG has significantly reduced paperwork; drivers now use OTG to submit timesheets and the daily vehicle checks and our operators use it to effectively manage service and maintenance schedules, aiding fleet compliancy.”

Electronic capture of PODs – combined with the new POD engine in TOPS allows users to instantaneously share PODs with customers and consignees. The new POD logic also enables file formats to be specified and the POD titling to match customers’ needs. Tim Wray continues: “PODs are now captured by either ‘sign on’ glass or with the device camera, both of which have provided time savings as well as improved the service we are able to offer our customers.”
The processing of ‘actual arrived’ and departure times in TOPS aids the monitoring of on-site delivery times though the TOPS active detention/on-site timer. This provides operators with an instant view of how long a vehicle has been on-site, and with a single click customers can then be pre-advised of potential detention charges. Access to dynamic information from any location greatly improves visibility of KPI’s (on time deliveries), a benefit that is not lost on Paul Miller, Director of Macintyre Transport, who comments: “OTG means that we can optimise efficiency and service for our clients, allowing them to streamline their logistics supply chain – crucial in the transportation industry.”

Allport Cargo Services use TOPS…on the go across 140 own fleet and subcontractor’s vehicles. Allport’s Senior Transport Manager, Tony Belton says: “Our focus was on the business efficiencies we could achieve through electronic delivery of PODs, getting instructions to drivers and the operational benefits the system would deliver.”
Fargo System’s Steve Collins adds: “The real USP of TOPS and TOPS…on the go is the potential it offers businesses to increase their vehicle movements, without increasing overheads.”
Allport’s Tony Belton concludes: “Our deployment of TOPS…on the go has been a ‘win-win’ from all perspectives. Clients are reporting improved delivery performance, the paperless administrative system has led to smarter working practices internally and we are delighted at the commitment our subcontractors have shown in investing in the technology and cultivating long term partnership relationships.”