Business-to-Business Integration Services

Fargo Systems personnel have many years of experience in integrating and interfacing disparate IT systems. Whether these are your customers or your suppliers, whether you run your systems on Windows, Unix, AS400 or OpenVMS, we have the experience and the know-how to integrate these systems and streamline your data flow processes.

Perhaps you have a sales force out and about who need to access data held on an old legacy mainframe. We can help you design an application, using your choice of mobile device, (PDA, mobile phone, laptop), to get at this information.

We have reference sites who already use our mobile solutions to allow a sales force to take the very latest statistical information to a clients site, update it with any new requirements the customer may have, including the ability to send the customer a faxed confirmation of their meeting before they have even left the meeting room. Once outside, the sales person is able to update the central database with this new information, so that should the customer ring in to the office, the person answering the query will already know the content of the discussion between the sales person and the client that has just taken place.

The above is just one example of integrating different systems. Perhaps you just need an interface between two systems to avoid double-entry of data. An interface between the two systems would obviously cut down on staff time required to carry out the task and also reduce the inevitable typing errors that occur in the manual process.

If you would like to discuss further with regards integrating different systems, or indeed you wish to explore further the possibilities of mobile-working, please do get in touch.