Hosted / Managed Services

Lets face it, Information Technology can be a pain to manage. It is expensive, troublesome, complicated and never seems to deliver promised goals.

But guess what…. it can be managed, it can perform, it can be reliable and it can deliver real cost benefits. What is required is a rigorous, systematic and creative approach.

At Fargo Systems we proactively help small and medium size businesses to manage their technology controlling costs, improving reliability, increasing functionality and aligning IT strategy to business objectives. We bring the necessary knowledge, competencies and support to your organisation – a “ Virtual IT Department ” if you will – working for you on sensible solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

Fargo Systems Application Service Provider (ASP) and Managed Services Provider (MSP) solutions enable our customers to quickly deploy enterprise-class applications without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing or supporting the applications or the underlying technical infrastructure.

Benefits of Managed Services:

• Fixed cost per month
• An integrated solution that works

• A single point of contact for all your needs
• No large up front capital expenditures
• Allows you to focus on your business

Software as a Service (SaaS):

Fargo Systems can manage and host all of your business systems, leaving you free of maintenance cost and responsibility. Eliminate the hassle of planning and upgrading hardware, installing applications, managing servers and repairing workstations. Fargo System takes care of everything for you – no need to do it yourself – and your company saves the additional cost and hassle of hiring in-house IT staff or dedicated computer consultants.

Our innovative solution integrates leading packaged software solutions and technology from companies such as Microsoft, Dell and Citrix.

Our solution combines requirements planning, application customisation/deployment, installation, training, best practices and customer support – all for a flat monthly fee.

We offer many different level of services to meet any businesses needs. Customers requiring assistance managing their environment should contact Fargo Systems sales department to discuss their options.

If you don’t have the need for a full managed service, then consider our ad-hoc services. Fargo Systems provides you with additional resources when you need them, without the on-going investment in training to maintain skill levels. Fargo Systems can be used as and when required to meet your support requirements and gives you access to a range of services from routine operational tasks to strategic studies/planning, from upgrades to system integration.

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