Tariffs & Mileages

We take great pride in the ability TOPS™ has of providing you with a stunning array of Tariff and Mileage facilities.

We do not believe you should still be rating Jobs manually as automating this task brings with it enormous benefits.

Not only are errors minimised but your key Transport Personnel, those who know what the rates should be and who are responsible for revenue and costs, are freed up from the hours it takes to rate jobs and as a result have more time to concentrate on providing a better and more efficient service.

TOPS™ includes the following as standard :

  • Integrated mileage calculator based on industry standards
  • Personalised town mileages (perhaps you and your customer agree A to B is 60 miles and not 52?)
  • The ability to import and export to and from Excel all of your Tariff details, mileages and rates

Full tariff functionality including:

  • Fully customisable mileage bands
  • Pence per mile or fixed rates
  • Zone Tariffs based on Weight, Volume, Number of Packages, etc.
  • Hazardous, weight and fuel surcharges
  • Personalised Town Tariffs (A to B is 100GBP, end of story)