Working with Partners & System Interfaces

Looking at the whole process of receiving jobs from customers and managing and assigning out to suppliers we can see enormous cost-saving benefits by streamlining the way in which information is passed between interested parties. TOPS was designed from the outset as an information hub allowing for cheap and easy transfer of information both in and out of the system. Some of the many possibilities include:

  • Receive jobs from customers electronically in a number of different formats (EDI, XML, Excel, proprietary)
  • Instantly transfer work from one branch office to another where each depot sees only the work that interests them
  • Send SMS messages to drivers with one click on the traffic sheet
  • Interface to a mobile PDA application or in-cab device
  • Integrate vehicle tracking lookups into the resource planning tool
  • Send invoices and job orders by email or fax. In fact, anything you can print can also be emailed, faxed, or exported to Microsoft Word or Excel. The ability to send invoicing information to customers in an electronic format ready for import directly into their accounting systems
  • Send cargo pre-advices and container release requests to the port of Felixstowe
  • Send job updates back to the customer electronically and automatically
  • Provide customers with a controlled view of jobs and proof of deliveries via a website and the facility for suppliers to upload proof of deliveries directly into the system thus immediately available from the job in TOPS
  • Interface sales and purchase invoices, both for job and ancillary costs and revenue directly into all leading accounts packages
  • Send movement pre-advices to container depots, reducing wasted time and ensuring a better service delivery

Small Print: Whilst TOPS™ includes solutions for all of the above, a certain amount of customisation may be required, depending on the specific solution, for which there may be a charge. At Fargo Systems however we aim to keep your costs low, preferring instead to re-use what we can and thereby allowing ourselves more time to develop and enhance yet further the overall product for everyone’s benefit.