General Haulage / Distribution / Tanker Operations

Designed from the bottom upwards, TOPS is fully flexible in terms of its ability to meet the needs of your business model. Whether your needs are local groupage operations, European distribution, or as a members of a pallet ‘hub-and-spoke’ network, you can be assured that TOPS can cater for the logistics.

Sophisticated logistics

With powerful multi-trunk and copy job facilities, TOPS enables you to manage the potentially many links in the logistics chain of getting your customers goods from A to B. Envisage a local collection by a subcontractor back to your depot, a multi-job (groupage) trunk from your depot to a transhipment hub by one of your own vehicles, ready for final delivery by another internal or external recourse to the delivery location. TOPS manages all of these scenarios within the same job. pre-define routes based on the type of business activity so that even the sophisticated multi-trunk ‘hub-and-spoke’ scenarios can be automated at job entry.

Smart Routes & tariffs

Furthermore, we can even pre-assign subcontractors for designated collection or delivery zones With total control of revenue allocation across the various (internal or external) resources used on a job, TOPS allows you to maintain full cost and profit margin recording and analysis at the lowest level. With a comprehensive tariff module for customers and suppliers, we pride ourselves on the ability of TOPS to ‘Autorate’ your revenue and costs.


  • UK premise-level postcode integration
  • European and worldwide postcodes
  • Mileage, route planning, mapping plug-ins
  • IATA ports and depot codes, INCO terms
  • Feature-rich traffic sheet / job diary
  • Consolidation / deconsolidation depots
  • Trailer manifests, trip lists, CMR, etc.
  • Multimodal and multi-trunk operations
  • Automatic volumetric weight calculator
  • Shipment groupage & prioritisation


  • Assignment statuses and job progress
  • Quotations and sales analysis•Integrated quality assurance module
  • Inbound and outbound job interfaces
  • Financial software integration
  • Customer and job type profitability
  • Route and consolidation analysis
  • Vehicle and driver costings•Working time directive enabled
  • Sophisticated fleet management


Give your business the uniquely flexible transport and logistics system. Whether off-the-shelf or customised, TOPS adapts to the way you work.