Fleet Management

TOPS is not just about transport and logistics planning. It also combines a powerful and comprehensive fleet management system. We recognise the importance of your resources to your business, not just as cost elements but as valuable assets. Trucks, drivers and trailers are all fully catered for in a fleet module that integrates perfectly with the transport operations.

Working Time Directive

TOPS is as fully Working Time Directive enabled as we believe it is possible to be with existing guidelines. use the default directive framework, or customise your own to match the workforce agreement in place. TOPS allows you to change from rolling periods to fixed reference periods and to redefine other elements such as night-time working hours and maximum weekly hours. With warnings to transport planners when weekly or reference period limits are being approached, and full compliance analysis reporting. TOPS provides for manual driver timesheet entry and/or automatically calculating hours worked based on drivers assignments.

Cost Management

The Fleet Costs Manager area of TOPS allows you to manage and budget for your resource overheads. Fixed recurring bottom-line costs, variable costs per trunk or odometer mile, hour, amount of fuel drawn etc. A purchase order and invoice booking area and a stock allocation and control system allow you to fine-tune budgetary figures with actuals, whilst a payroll interface enables you to bring those all-important drivers wages into the equation. With job revenue allocation down to the specific vehicle and driver on each trunk of a job, and costs allocated to the individual assignments within a job, you can achieve the highest possible accuracy in your asset profitability analysis.

Asset Administration

  • Appointments and events (MOT, tacho, service, accident..)
  • Flag trucks, trailers, drivers as unavailable to traffic desk
  • Non-job sales invoicing (contracted-out vehicles)
  • Fuel and mileage recording (with optional telematics interface)
  • Filtered traffic sheet by truck, driver, subcontractor
  • Cargo weight, trailer/truck compatibility, IMDG driver warnings
  • Resource window planning tool


TOPS Extended Fleet Manager

The TOPS Extended Fleet Manager is a new area of TOPS designed to replace the ubiquitous transport office wall-planner. Integrating a powerful third-party component we believe that this new scheduler and calendar approach will not only allow the fleet manager to visually and effectively manage day-to-day servicing and MOT appointments but also allow HR or driver managers to easily view driver holidays, license expiries, absences, etc.

Fully Integrated Solution

Accessed directly from within the fleet area of TOPS, the calendar scheduler provides an alternate and extended management tool to the standard fleet appointments and event views. It allows the user to select the type of resource (truck, trailer or driver) to display and then the periods to view. being fully multi-depot, it naturally allows the fleet manager to filter down by depot and also to choose whether to display all resources or restrict the view to only those with events within the period on view.

Personalised Views

All options such as the date period, the appointments and events to be viewed and their appearance, together with columns widths can be changed via simple toolbar buttons. And whether a day view with hours, a week, or a month is on view, an intelligent printout provides a hardcopy if required.

Appointments and events can easily be added or edited simply by double-clicking on them. powerful ‘drag and drop’ functionality allows the fleet manager to move appointments or events from one date to another or change their duration without needing to open the relevant, whilst standard Microsoft Windows hover tips gave the user pertinent information of the appointment selected.

Appointments can be defined as recurring with regular intervals, and prompt the user to create subsequent ones when applicable. Reminders can also be set which auto-display when the user logs in. manage MOT’s, incidents and breakdowns, services, kit checks, etc. all from the same visual tool. it looks like a wallplanner, but with so much more we think your fleet manager will find this tool a real treat.