Financial Systems

TOPS is a complete enterprise-level solution designed to run your business and includes a comprehensive array of back-office administrative and management functions:


  • Sales invoicing – multiple formats, drafts, copies, PDF electronic versions, etc.
  • Self-bill and customer rate confirmation administration. More and more customers self-bill or expect invoices as confirmed by them
  • Non-job sales invoicing (contract vehicles, fuel, etc.)


  • Rate confirmations – ensure subcontractor invoices are correct and easily identifiable
  • Purchase invoice allocation ensuring that supplier invoices are not paid twice and you remain firmly in control of your costs. Suppliers can be measured in terms of their profitability.
  • Purchase order book – for all non-job related costs (fuel, servicing, etc.)
  • Non-job purchase invoicing
  • Subcontractor self-bill invoicing
  • Subcontracted-in vehicle administration


  • Interfaces to all major accounting packages, including Agresso, Navision, Sage, Pegasus, Access, etc.
  • Stock control system (for tyres, spares, fuel, etc.)
  • Payroll interface to import costs from your drivers payroll system and link them to the trucks they’ve been driving

Tariffs & Mileages

We take great pride in the tariff and mileage facilities within TOPS. Autorating jobs brings with it enormous benefits.

  • Integrated mileage calculator
  • Personalised town or geozone mileages
  • Pence per mile or fixed mileage band rates
  • Zone tariffs based on weight, volume, number of packages, etc.
  • Import and export to and from Excel


TOPS also provides you with a vast array of financial management reports. Whether it is up-to-the-minute revenue and cost projections for today’s jobs, or historical trends of a specific customers profitability that you are looking for, you’ll find a report to suit your requirement. Accruals reports and fleet management cost and revenue reports are also fully catered for.