Custom Reports Manager

The TOPS Custom Reports Manager is a powerful new reporting tool that gives technical and non-technical users alike the facility to design customised reports, save them for future use and even integrate them into the TOPS operating environment.

Unlimited Reporting Power

It comes complete with a number of pre-defined views and report templates to get you going and gives the user almost unlimited power over the reports they are able to create. ‘Drag and drop’ fields, format text, add images and shapes – you are limited only by your imagination! Save ‘parameter sets’ to pre-define the criteria you wish to run the reports based on and access standard TOPS lookups for Customers, Job Types, Depots, etc.

Flexible & Versatile

You also have the ability to ‘connect’ to different data sources (such as an Accounting System or a Fleet Telematics solution). Linking these in with data held in TOPS provides you with, we believe, one of the most powerful enterprise reporting design tools available. As you would expect, you can print, email, or save to HTML or Excel your reports, and make your custom reports available to all TOPS users with ease.

Datacube Trend Analysis

An integrated ‘datacube’ browser allows you to interrogate live TOPS data and use ‘drill-down’ or ‘data-mining’ techniques to browse and explore your live data from any multi-dimensional perspective, (eg. by customer, job type, area etc.) with multiple measures, (such as Job Counts, Revenue or Profit), this really is a powerful tool. Drag and drop columns and rows, decide what it is you want to look at and hey presto! Save view templates for future use and get immediate results. A visual representation of data speaks louder than a grid of numbers and our cube browser allows you to display your choice of data in one of many chart and graph types. Lightening fast, once you’ve got the data you’ll be amazed at how quickly it sorts, groups and re-dimensions your data. print grids and graphs, export to Excel or publish to the web. How far you go with this product is entirely up to you!