Yard Jobs

CYMAN offers the concept of creating user defined ‘yard jobs’ to record and rate any work carried out within the yard, optionally linked to units in stock or for other non-container related tasks that need to be recorded and may be charged. Examples of yard jobs that can be easily created include:

  • Cargo Transhipment
  • Devanning / Vanning
  • Re-Stacking
  • Cargo hand-balling
  • Stack Flats
  • Genset plug/unplug/fuelling
  • De-rigging and simple Repairs
  • Cleaning

Yard Jobs include Start & Finish date/times, Labour, Equipment, and Materials used (including rates per hour). Provisional or pending Yard Jobs can be created, and Job Sheets can be printed or reprinted at any time to record work carried out and resources used. Statuses allow for easy assessment of progress from creation through booked, started, completed and priced.